Nine ways reading benefits children (and a bonus!)

9 ways reading benefits children (and a bonus!)

We all know that reading is a good thing. But have you ever considered just how much the act of reading can do for your kid? Below, we listed nine ways you can help your child become a better person through reading. Check them out! (And there’s also a bonus!!!)

1. Reading increases creativity and imagination
With reading, a child is constantly introduced to new and wondrous worlds and ideas, which helps them understand and change their own environment. By stimulating your children’s imagination, you become the responsible for helping them on their journey through life, with its infinite possibilities; all they got to do is imagine and create.

2. Reading together builds strong family bonds
Bedtime stories, for instance, provide lovely moments with your kid. The two (or three, or more) of you will be able to take part in many adventures, to discuss the reading together and, also, to share moments of tenderness right before going to bed. Isn’t that adorable?

3. Reading expands a child’s vocabulary
Kids love learning a new word, specially if they find it funny enough to repeat it over and over again. Also, new words give children tools to better express themselves, their thoughts and feelings.

4. Reading opens minds to new and diverse people, places, and situations
Children, by nature, are open-minded and unprejudiced. When children develop the habit of reading, they perceive how different people really are, and that it’s okay not to live in the same way as your neighbor; in fact, it is part of life to accept diverse ways of thinking and living.

5. Reading is fun and helps children relax after a stressful day
Imagine if your child grew up in the same world as your parents did. They’d have a lot less stimuli and stress, right? The amount of noises, images, sugar and information that a kid has to face these days can overcharge a young mind, which is often defenseless when you are only discovering the world. During reading time, a child is required to focus, which is very relaxing, as mindfulness already taught us. Reading time can be a special time of the day in which a kid is allowed to dream and unwind in a fun and safe environment.

6. Reading promotes and enhances critical thinking skills
At any age, a person who reads is more likely to make informed decisions, as well as to ponder different courses of action. Such person will not be easily misled, since he or she seeks information in diverse sources first to finally come to a conclusion. Reading transforms individuals in “thinkers.”

7. Reading teaches children about the world we live in
Seeing the world only through screens and moving pictures can be very limitating. When children read, they are surrounded by various points of view – e.g., not only by fancy cars and rich people from games and TV shows – and are able to build their own understanding of the world, with its pros and cons.

8. Reading promotes positive communication in families
Not only because your kids will convey their messages with more words, but because they will learn the power of these words: asking things nicely, with arguments, instead of throwing tantrums, will be much more effective. Among others, they will learn the benefits of a good conversation instead of being rude. Also, families that read together are much more likely to establish a healthy and open communication channel that those who don’t.

9. Reading helps build character
Because your kids will be exposed to analytical thinking, they will have the necessary tools to express themselves in an authentic and – why not? – ethical way. By acquiring knowledge, they will learn how to tackle problems and how to develop a high character, which is great for self-improvement.


10. Reading can be extra fun when the author is your own little artist
Of course kids will not only read the material they create, but think about it: wouldn’t it be great if your child’s interest on reading was sparkled by their own artwork? Seeing their creations – and, therefore, themselves – on a customized storybook helps build self-esteem and pride for what they can do from scratch; your kid will be an active agent in their own learning process. That’s wonderful!

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