Piccuzoo Artist of the Month November: Thanksgiving

Artist of the Month Contest – November

It’s time to kick off our second Artist of the Month contest! On October we did the first one and it was a success! We received so many amazing kids’ artwork and now we are ready to get some more. The winner gets a free personalized book made with his/her art and a place in our Hall of Fame.

This month’s theme is Thanksgiving! If your child has created a cute turkey or a drawing of a happy family meal, take a quick photo and share it in our social media. The artwork can be a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, a craft, anything creative and made by your child. We’ll pick a winner and share it with the world by the end of the month– and you’ll get a free book!

Little artists can enter via our social media:

  1. First you need to follow us on one of our social media: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram;
  2. Second, you need to post your child’s art in the comment section of our posts on Facebook or TwitteOR post a picture and tag us @piccuzoo on Instagram.
  3. Please limit your posts to three per child!


Piccuzoo Personalized Books

Piccuzoo books are customized for each child, with their art wrapped into a custom story – and you can add a free dedication to make it extra special. Winners will send us 10 photos of their favorite artwork, and our writers will get to work customizing the story of Yoyo, who is on an art-seeking adventure. Your child’s art will be part of Yoyo’s story, printed in full color, and will even be featured on the cover with a full illustrator credit!

It’s a great gift, and a wonderful way to preserve your child’s art, without the clutter and mess!

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