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Create. Play. Travel. is impressed with Piccuzoo!

The family lifestyle website Create. Play. Travel. reviewed our storybook and loved it!

Create.Play.Travel. is about family life, kid’s activities, DIY ideas, beauty & fashion and family adventures. The editor, Katie Wallace, is a mom, wife and DIY enthusiast, who collaborates with different writers and brands to produce inspiring and practical lifestyle features.

Internal pages of a Piccuzoo personalized book

Internal pages of a Piccuzoo personalized book

She compiled a book with her daughter’s drawings and learned how much fun this adventure can be: her kid, who loves making up stories, created 10 artworks, which Katie scanned and sent to our website. After receiving the print, the little girl was fascinated to see her artwork illustrating a story specially adapted for her, with a personalized dedication from her mommy and daddy.

Katie says:

“I was impressed by the quality and printing of this creative kids’ storybook. My daughter’s art was seamlessly integrated into the book’s illustrated pages and embellished with colorful illustrations. The Piccuzoo design team creates a story around your child’s art so each storybook is clever and unique.”

A little girl reading her Piccuzoo personalized book.

Create. Play. Travel. also explains in detail how a parent can create a lovely keepsake for their child and, in addition, get rid of tons of paper. You get a colorfully illustrated book with great print which will be a source of beautiful memories for years to come.

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