Creating impromptu art with your kids

If you’re like me, and you love creating art with your kids from random things, you’ll understand this spontaneous doodle! This is our kitchen table, which of course doubles as an arts and crafts table. We had just finished breakfast, and found that we had left-over mandarin peels and some Cheerios. Suddenly, inspiration hit.

“Maya, let’s make a mermaid-themed craft!”

That was all I said, leaving the rest to Maya’s imagination. The rules were clear: use whatever you want on the table, and make something new. This is Maya’s art. She turned mandarins into waves (or are they fish?) and drew a beautiful mermaid in the middle.

Making a mermaid-themed craft with Cheerios

She then helped me with my mermaid, and gave her Cheerios-quality hair! Oh, she also made me a little fish (look at top left).

Making a mermaid-themed craft with Cheerios

The kitchen table was a mess, and I love it that way. Because we created a memory, we spent time together and bonded, and we talked about mermaids. She asked how mine was so much better, and I explained that because I am a grown-up, I have better motor skills, but I also encouraged her by telling her that soon she will be just as good as me – and probably better!

Making a mermaid-themed craft with Cheerios

We also talked about why being creative is so important in life and how it can help you in so many ways, from applying creative ideas at work or school, to using it to just relax and express yourself.

I will never stop encouraging her to be creative – the little kid in me won’t let me! Creating random art with your child has so many benefits – and kids love the spontaneity!

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