You can create "fall bees" with fallen leaves

Fall projects to do with your child!

It is fall and it is cold. With our littlest team member’s words (he’s 3), it’s raining leaves! 🍂

We enjoy the fall by incorporating it into our projects as much as we can. Here is a tree from a little hand and some leaves we collected from backyard. Making this art work was fun but collecting leaves with a “project” in mind was the best part. Telling kids that you had an idea and giving them a task of finding you the best leaves they could find… there is your 10-15 minutes of break! 😉

Inspiration for a Fall Project to do with your kids

And here is a free study. I only asked “what else? What else you think you can do with these leaves” and Maya came up with “Maya the Bee” idea. She drew a bee and glued leaves as its wings. How creative is that!

You can create "fall bees" with fallen leaves

You can create "fall bees" with fallen leaves
I call these “fall bees” 🙂


OK, ok. This is me being creative a little. I wasn’t like this, I swear. But I guess making “art projects” with kids using random stuff around the house and trying to tie them with a relevant theme gave me this weird imagination skill. Now, isn’t this little ballerina lovely ❤. What’s even more lovely is to show kids that they too can have an unlimited imagination and then seeing them at work – like “fall bees” above 🐝

A lovely ballerina made with petals of a white rose


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Senem Acet Coskun

Nov 21, 2018 at 5:11 PM

Looks very nice!


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