The Idea For Kids reviewed our personalized book and they loved it!

Guess who’s one of “The Best Ideas for Kids”? Yes, we are!

The Best Ideas for Kids, Facebook page created in 2017, recommends Piccuzoo!

This profile, which currently has over 1,6m followers, provides daily inspiration with kids activities, crafts, food and fun. Their ideas are simple, cheap, and great for developing children’s creativity.

Turn your child's artwork into a story book – this is such a great idea!!See how it works here: partnership with Piccuzoo

Posted by The Best Ideas for Kids on Thursday, September 6, 2018


TBIFK posted our personalized books on their FB and IG pages and explained how they work:

“Get 10 drawings your kids have done, snap a picture of them with your phone or camera and then get a personalized storybook made with your kid’s drawings. Their very own storybook that they illustrated! So cool! We love how this would make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift. And it’s a great way to turn those drawings into keepsakes.”

And they are right! Grandmas and granddads, for instance, will love getting a collection of their grandsons and daughters’ artwork for Christmas. And it’s also a way for parents to proudly keep their kid’s masterpieces without worrying about the originals.

Their followers loved the idea:

Comments from The Best Idea For Kids about Piccuzoo personalized books

See how making a personalized keepsake can be simple? Don’t forget to follow TBIFK for tips and get your own personalized Piccuzoo story book for Christmas. Surprise your kids and their grands!

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