Personalized book created for @yoopmama from Guidance Guide for a review

The Guidance Guide leads to Piccuzoo!

The co-founders of the Guidance Guide, a website specialized in parenting solutions, define it as a space for parents “to organically review their favorite (and not so favorite) products, while also showcasing their expertise and passion for all things parenthood.” They see themselves as a community of parents brought together in the same place to share experiences, help each other and grow.

Cover of Piccuzoo personalized book made for Jessica's son

Jessica B., one of their collaborators, was asked to create a Piccuzoo book with her son’s artwork, and she found it a lovely experience. She realized that personalized storybooks are great tools to help raising a future reader:

“We just received our personalized book this week and our son requests that we read it all the time. He absolutely loves seeing his different pieces of artwork (he recognizes them from our refrigerator); he gets so excited to point out the different pictures in his book.”

Her followers on Instagram loved the idea:

Moms loved the review Jessica B. from Guidance Guide made from Piccuzoo personalized books

Jessica also sees great value in customized books as gifts:

“I have already thought about how amazing these books could be as gifts! I am already envisioning ordering them for relatives and loved ones. I even thought about having my sister send me pictures of my niece and nephew’s artwork; I could only imagine the look on their face when they open a book that is 100% personalized! They would be SO excited!”

Piccuzoo storybooks are one of the best options when it comes to original presents. You get a fun way to nourish your little book-lover using their own artwork, and it’s also a helpful solution for the hundreds of art projects piled up in your house.

Read Jessica’s full review here. See us on the Guidance Guide’s Holiday Gift Guide – TOY Edition here, and don’t forget to follow their profiles for tips on how to make the best parenting decisions!

Loved the idea? Then order your Piccuzoo customized storybook right now!

Internal pages of a Piccuzoo strorybook

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